external image HR05cover.gifTechnologies Highlighted in the 2005 Horizon Report

Listed below are the six technologies highlighted in the 2005 Horizon Report, with a short description of each. Where are they now? Are the horizons associated with them still accurate? What may have changed? Should they still be on our radar screens? Let us know your thoughts...

Where Are They Now?

Review past Horizon Reports to comment on how they have played out over time.

Near Term: Mainsteam campus use within a year

Extended Learning

On some campuses, traditional instruction is augmented with technology tools that are familiar to students and used by them in daily life. Extended learning courses can be conceptualized as hybrid courses with an extended set of communication tools and strategies. The classroom serves as a home base for exploration, and integrates online instruction, traditional instruction, and study groups, all supported by a variety of communication tools.
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Ubiquitous Wireless

With new developments in wireless technology both in terms of transmission and of devices that can connect to wireless networks, connectivity is increasingly available and desired. Campuses and even communities are beginning to regard universal wireless access as a necessity for all.
  • Not in my country. Still have to hunt for wireless virtually everywhere, and certainly not Free wireless, which is a rarity. [SWL]

Mid-Term: Mainsteam campus use within one to three years

Intelligent Searching

To support people's growing need to locate, organize, and retrieve information, sophisticated technologies for searching and finding are becoming available. These agents range from personal desktop search "bots," to custom tools that catalog and search collections at an individual campus, to specialized search interfaces like Google Scholar.
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Educational Gaming

Taking a broad view of educational gaming, one finds that games are not new to education. Technology and gaming combine in interesting ways, not all of which are about immersive environments or virtual reality. What is evolving is the way technology is applied to gaming in education, with new combinations of concepts and games appearing on the horizon.
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Long Term: Mainstream campus use within three to five years

Social Networks and Knowledge Webs

Supplying people's need to connect with each other in meaningful ways, social networks and knowledge webs offer a means of facilitating teamwork and constructing knowledge. The underlying technologies fade into the background while collaboration and communication are paramount.
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Context-Aware Computing/Augmented Reality

These related technologies deal with computers that can interact with people in richer ways. Context-aware computing uses environmental conditions to customize the user's experience or options. Augmented reality provides additional contextual information that appears as part of the user's world. Goals of both approaches are increased access and ease-of-use.
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