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PROCESS: Please enter your responses to the research question by adding to the list below, most easily done by moving yor cursor to the end of the last item and pressing RETURN to create a new bullet point. You may list as many items as you wish (and we hope you will!), but please list each item separately -- that is, if you say wish to list widget1, process2, and idea3 as important, please list each item as a separate bullet point, as we will be rank ordering these later.

Please indicate your work by marking with the code of 4 tildes (~) in a row that we can follow up with you if we need additional information or leads to examples- this produces a signature when the page is update like - alan alan Aug 7, 2009

Research Question Three

What are the key emerging technologies you see developing to the point that learning-focused institutions should begin to take notice during the next 3 to 5 years? What organizations or companies are the leaders in these technologies?
NOTE: Items in this category should also be easily supportable with examples, although some of them may still be only found in research contexts. Nonetheless, some work should be happening that we can point to for those who wish to learn more. Three to five years is not a long time for education to turn its attention to something, thus we should see evidence of pioneer efforts that can be documented. Listing the actual companies or organizations working on the items listed here is very very important, as we often will follow up with them to learn more as we turn to the actual writing.

Compose your entries like:
  • Idea Name. Add your ideas like this with few sentences description including full URLs for examples e.g. And do not forget to sign your contribution with 4 ~ characters!

At the Envision Center at Purdue, they have developed some haptic applications and have integrated them into the curriculum. - JoanLippincott JoanLippincott Oct 5, 2009

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