Cloud Computing

2011 Short LIst: Time-to-Adoption: One Year or Less
Cloud computing first appeared on the near-term horizon in 2009. Since that time, its use for supporting collaboration, file storage, and access to computing cycles has increased, and the number of available applications that rely on cloud technologies has grown tremendously. Cloud computing has become the unifying factor among content and applications on the many devices people use in everyday life. Whether connecting at home, work, school, on the road, or in social spaces, nearly everyone who uses computers relies on cloud computing to access their information and applications. This ability to access services and files from any location and on any device is driving development of cloud computing applications in the consumer space.

There is a great deal of agreement among the advisory board that this technology is on the near term horizon. The definition of cloud computing has not changed substantially since it was first introduced, although its use has proliferated and it continues to be an important support technology for teaching and learning.

Relevance for Teaching, Learning & Creative Expression

  • Schools that offer distance learning can benefit from cloud computing by reducing the amount of physical material (DVDs and CDs) sent to students, simplifying IT support, and providing remote access to labs and testing equipment.
  • Cloud resources can be accessed from a variety of devices, allowing schools to take advantage of equipment students already own.

Cloud Computing in Practice

For Further Reading

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(Kurt O. Dyril, District Administration, May 2009.) This article summarizes how the use of cloud computing can have a positive financial impact for school districts.

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(Cloudbook, accessed March 5, 2010.) A number of short videos prepared by various professionals and researchers give an overview of, and some perspectives on, cloud computing.