Horizon Reports

NMC Seeks Examples for 2011 Horizon Report

The NMC writing team is preparing the 2011 Horizon Report, and they are interested in learning about any kind of research, pilot programs, innovative projects, or faculty work happening at your campus, school, museum, or organization in any of the six areas listed below. The goal is to help readers understand the potential impact of these technologies and their applications on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry.

Before submitting a project, please review the descriptions listed below or download the 2011 Horizon Report Preview pdf.gifto make sure what you are sharing supports one of the six final topics (these are based on the Short List and will be expanded in the final report). You can contribute the information we need via our web form at http://go.nmc.org/horizon-example-project. We cannot publish every example submitted in the final report, but most will end up being included in our new Horizon Project Navigator resource.

2010 Horizon Report Topics

The Time-to-Adoption Horizon indicates how long the Advisory Board feels it will be until a significant number of organizations are providing or using each of these technologies or approaches broadly. Of course, a number of innovative faculty and campuses are already working in some of these areas, and those are the very efforts we want to highlight. Of special interest are any activities that have a significant web presence so that a URL might be included in the report.

How to Participate

If you know of examples we could include, please use the brief web form at http://go.nmc.org/horizon-example-project to tell us about them. We ask for a title, a URL, and a one- or two-sentence description; you also will need to select which topic your example falls under. The process takes about two minutes.

We hope to have your examples by Monday, December 6, but no matter what, we'd love to hear about what you are doing! All we really need is a sentence of description and a URL -- we'll do the rest.

Questions? Contact Rachel Smith (rachel@nmc.org).